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The following is an overview of the services that Centron offers that are required by the United States Postal Service (USPS), as well as optional services, to improve your address integrity, save you money on postage costs, and expedite your mail delivery.




Your data is processed through the USPS requried C.A.S.S., P.A.V.E., and D.P.V. certification software.


Your qualifying mail pieces will be printed with an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) and mailed at the lower cost Automation Postage Rates.


Undeliverable addresses are identified before any additional processing is done and, at your option, we do not generate a mail piece for these addresses. A file of these addresses will be forwarded to you on the same day that we process your data so you can update your database. This saves you money for the costs of production, forms, initial postage, and return postage by not having these addresses mailed only to have them returned to you as undeliverable.


Addresses that do not qualify for the lower Automation Postage Rates but are still deliverable are mailed. A file of these addresses will be forwarded to you on the same day that we process your file so you can then work on correcting them in order to qualify for lower postage rates in future mailings. We can also forward these addresses to the Address Element Correction (AEC) service that is offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). This is an address quality improvement service that focuses on correcting inaccurate addresses that cannot be successfully matched using C.A.S.S and DPV certified software. By correcting or providing missing address elements, AEC turns problem addresses into accurate addresses or identifies them as undeliverable. On your behalf Centron provides an interface to the USPS for this service. We transmit these addresses to the USPS in their required format, receive the addresses back from the USPS, and return a file to you so that you can update your database. The AEC service benefits you by lowering your future postage costs for these addresses and by limiting the amount of time that you would spend manually correcting these addresses.


Move Update Processing (NCOALINKService) is an automated process that is provided to help identify those people from your input file who have moved and filed a Permanent Change of Address Notification with the USPS. When identified, these addresses are changed before printing and the the mail piece will be mailed to the new address. A file of these addresses will be forwarded to you on the same day that we process your file so that you can update your database. This service enables you to meet USPS requirements for mailing at First and Standard Class discounted postage rates, reduces the volume and cost of your returned mail pieces, and allows you to get your mail pieces delivered sooner, which will enhance your revenue turnaround.


Centron has an on-site USPS post office (Business Mail Entry Detached Mail Unit) where postal representatives quality test, accept, and certify your mail on a daily basis. Mail is then transferred each day to a USPS District Postal Facility where it is routed (typically overnight) to the District Postal Facility that is closest to the mail pieces delivery point. This serivce expedites your mail delivery cycle, which in turn speeds up the return of your receivables to you.




Even after all of the address hygiene processes are performed previous to your mail pieces being mailed, a percentage of those mail pieces will be returned to you as Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA). To assist you in managing this returned mail, Centron offers a convenient and cost-effective Return Mail Handling service. Centron's mailing address is printed on your mail pieces and any mail returns are received at Centron instead of being returned to you. Centron then processes each of your returned mail pieces. A data file can be created and returned to you for updating your database. A file can also be uploaded to a service to perform a more exhaustive search of specialized databases to obtain the most recent address for an undeliverable mail piece. You can benefit by reducing your internal labor costs associated with managing return mail, reduced costs associated with remailings to invalid addresses and in allowing your staff to spend more time focusing on core business issues.


Postage Rates

Download postage rates here.


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"The staff at Centron is very professional and know all the shortcuts to save me money. The fact that a branch of the United States Postal Service is within their production facility reduces the lag time between printing and getting my tax bills in the mail. Centron - a wonderful company to partner with."

James Stover
Municipal Treasurer

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