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What is the smallest direct mail job you can handle?

The more the pieces the less expensive the per piece price is. Typically, customers come to Centron when the project becomes hard to handle in-house. If there are more than 500 pieces in a first class mailing or 200 pieces in a standard class mailing, Centron can save you money on postage cost by doing the mailing at pre-sort automated postage rates.


Do you have to pay for all of the printed forms up front?

Billing, pay as you use them; Direct Mail, billed as a per piece


How much does it cost to mail my documents using your service?

If you are going to do a direct mail piece, we can provide a specific quote for our services. We can’t give you a price until we know what you are mailing. Mailing pieces vary so much according to design, components, and volume, that it is difficult to quote them without know the specifications. Give us some specifics and we’ll give you a quote.

If you want to outsource your billing or statements to Centron, we can give you an estimate of cost very quickly based on a description of the bill or statement you are mailing – just call us. Volume, print specifications, and design all are components of the pricing and we will provide a specific quote once we determine what those specifications are. We offer several standard statement paper stocks and envelopes that we can provide and help keep your costs to a minimum. We do custom packages to your specifications as well.


Does your price include postage and how much does it cost?

Centron does not include postage in the unit price of a statement or a direct mail piece. We will give you an estimated postage rate with your quote and actual postage rates will vary based on pre-sort automation qualification levels. Centron provides pre-sorting and zip plus four conversion, CASS & Pave certification, and delivery point bar coding – all to help you achieve optimum postage rates to minimize your cost. Plus, we pass all postage savings on to you. You only pay the actual cost for postage and the savings from U.S. Postal Automation discounts save you money.

Centron can also help you reduce costs by editing bad and undeliverable addresses, providing address element correction services, and providing move update processing to minimize return mail and improve delivery of your documents.


How do I send my bills or statements to Centron?

Centron maintains an Internet-based FTP site that you can use to transmit your documents for processing and mailing. The FTP site is accessible on this web site and uses PGP Encryption for security. This method is easy to use and we will provide specific instructions and support if needed.


Does Centron run into problems integrating all different types of software?

The software package does not typically have any impact on sending data files or document print image files to Centron for processing. You simply print your document to disk instead of your printer and send the saved document file to our FTP site. We can also accept data files and build the statement image for print production.


What is your turnaround time for mailing statements or bills?

Once implemented, you can send document files to Centron in the morning and we will typically have them in the mail by the next working day. Document files received later in the day will start processing and will be in the mail late the next day or the following day.


What is your turnaround time for a direct mail project?

Direct mail packages vary according to the specification of each mailing, paper selection, colors, text, and volume. Different mailings can have different lead times. A request for a special stock, special envelopes, or a brochure insert can extend lead times due to order lead times for the materials. A mailing with standard paper or envelopes can be turned around more quickly than custom orders. Typically, lead time for a standard mailing project is two to three weeks once we have all of the specifications, text, artwork, etc. Most of that lead time is for composition, proofing, and printing of the materials. Once we have the materials in place, a mailing can be out in a matter of a few days.


How can I be sure that my direct mail piece is correct before it goes in the mail?

Throughout the process – from concept and planning to initial and ongoing production – Centron’s staff follows detailed procedures of edits, reviews, documentation, and approvals to ensure that rigid quality standards are met. Centron’s attention to deadlines and detail ensure that your mailing meets or exceeds your expectation. Centron has earned a reputation for high quality that is built on years of successful customer project management.





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