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Electronic Billing


To address the rising need for innovative payment solutions Centron has developed strategic partnerships with e-billing companies that provide simple, convenient, and secure ways to pay your bills online. Through our e-billing partnerships, we offer products that vary from entry level payment portals to advanced e-billing and payment systems that are modular and scalable allowing our customers to expand their capabilities as their requirements dictate.


Centron has developed processing models to provide support services allowing us to communicate with and pass information directly to our e-billing partners. Our customers transmit their production file(s) to us in the same manner as they always have. Our processing model(s) provide the needed information to the appropriate e-billing partner on our customer's behalf.


Even though each of our e-billing partners has differences between their service offerings, they promote the following general benefits of their service:


Each provides you with a highly secure, self-service option that allows your customers to view and pay bills online 24/7.


Each offers a variety of convenient payment options and once the payment is made the payment processing is automatically completed.


Each has the ability to interface and exchange data with virtually any practice management or accounting system.


Each can work through your existing merchant account or you can utilize their merchant account.


Logos and brand imaging can be incorporated at the payment site. Many also offer messaging and advertising capabilities.


This accelerated payment processing results in fewer phone calls, reduced billing and collection costs, fewer write-offs, and improved customer satisfaction.


If you would like to learn more about our electronic billing options please go to the "contact us" tab and provide us with your contact information.

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Our Customers Say

"When Centron unveiled their solution, we were confident Centron had done all of the necessary comparisons and testing to ensure they were providing a quality solution to us. The experienced implementation team was critical to us to ensure we had a well thought-out roadmap to help us implement this new solution with our clients. Their customer service department has also been responsive to our questions and needs as they arise and has made us confident that we can stand behind this product."

Ben Cervinski
Vice President
A Medical Billing Company
in Utah

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