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Management Reports

Centron provides a variety of standard reports from the processing of your data that will assist you in managing this process.  These reports are made available at no additonal cost:


Processing Control Report:

  • Date input file was received.
  • Size of input file(s)
  • Names of input file(s)
  • Number of statements printed
  • Number of pages printed
  • Mail date


Postage by Client Report:

  • Provides a breakdown of the postage costs for each of your clients that were processed.
  • This report allows you to determine what your clients are costing you for postage.  You can then determine if additional training is required for them on how to properly create the mailing addresses.
  • If you are passing on the postage costs to your clients, this report provides you with the information to do so.


Undeliverable Address Report:

  • This report contains the statements that were pulled from processing due to invalid addresses.  These statements are not mailed, which reduces your amount of return mail.


Non-Automation Qualified Report:

  • This report contains the statements that did not qualify for the optimum automation postage rates and allows you the ability to correct them for future mailings.  These statements are mailed.


Move Update Processing Report:

  • This report contains those statements that received a new mailing address as a result of a move.  This report identifies the address that you provided and the new address that they moved to.


Suppression Report:

  • This report contains information on statements not printed or mailed based upon pre-established rules, such as credit balances, missing data, small balances, etc.


Custom Reports:

  • Custom reports can be created based upon data elements that are contained within the current file that is being processed.


Reports are typically emailed back to you.  We can also return any of this information to you as a file so you can update your database.  Sample Management Reports - Undeliverable and Non-Automation Qualified Report, Financial Service Control File, First Class Postal Charges Report


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Our Customers Say

"The Centron staff have always been accommodating to any special needs that we have had for statement customization, periodic marketing inserts for our clients, and special reporting required for client cost allocations."

Patrick Lukacs, CPA, CHBME
Chief Executive Officer
A Medical Billing Company

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